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Why should I rent a CamperVan instead of a RV?

The joy of #vanlife is being able to travel and sleep comfortably, without taking on the cost or responsibility of managing an RV. Compared with RVs, vans get better gas mileage, are easier to drive, and fit into most campsites, so they have access to places where RVs just can’t go. Our vans come with two seatbelts, a full-size bed, AC, and hold enough fresh water (20 gallons) for two people to live off the grid for about 10 days. You can take off without worrying about packing too much gear, as we provide two camping chairs and a camping rug, two drive-up leveling ramps, window coverings, a basic kitchen kit, sheets, and two pillows. See our fleet here.

Why should I rent a CamperVan instead of just renting a car?

With a CamperVan, you can save on hotel costs because you always have the option to camp. In popular vacation destinations where hotel costs are inflated, you have options. In remote areas with limited accommodations, you can avoid the stuffy motel experience, knowing you’ll sleep comfortably. For clients who embrace the great outdoors, we rent gear that rental car companies won’t have to make your trip seamless. Travel can be tiring. With a van, if you get tired, you can always hop in the back and take a nap.


Where can I travel?

You can take our vans basically anywhere you want to drive. All of our vehicles are permitted throughout the continental United States and Canada and there are no extra fees associated with crossing state lines.

How much does it cost to rent a CamperVan?

Our daily rates fluctuate depending on the season and the length of your trip. You can get a quick quote here on our website or contact us and we’ll create a custom quote based on your needs.

What kind of security deposit do you require?

We require a fully refundable $1,500 security deposit. To get this deposit back, the driver must NOT damage the vehicle, smoke in the vehicle, or bring the vehicle back excessively dirty. The vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel when you departed.

When should I reserve my CamperVan?

Since our CamperVans book up quickly, we recommend making a reservation a few weeks or months out. 


What is my responsibility when renting a CamperVan?

You are required to treat our Vans as you would treat your own vehicle. We require you to fill up using the correct fuel. We replace and change tires regularly, but additional damages to tires, wheels, and the windshield are your responsibility. Smoking in your van will result in forfeiture of your deposit and incur odor removal charges.

Do CamperVans have childseat anchors?

No, Vans have just two seatbelts in the front two seats. If you want to travel with kids, it’s best to bring a second vehicle on the trip.

Are pets allowed?

We love dogs and their owners, who are responsible for any damages made by their pets, we add a small $45 pet cleaning fee.

What are your hours of operation?

You can reach us 7 days a week during business hours, 9 am to 5 pm.

Can I do one-way trips?

In many cases, sure. If your destination is somewhere cool and we want to go pick up the van and drive it home, we’ll typically charge you the cost of our flight and the return fuel.


What else can I rent?

We have propane cook tops, propane BBQs, propane ovens, tents, sunshade awnings, solar showers, ice chests, toasters, coffee pots, and more. During checkout you will see a full list of our Campervan accessories with pricing.

Can I buy the Van?

Ya we sell Vans often, I like to keep my rental fleet fresh and new so just ask about getting your hands on a retired rental Van.

Can you accommodate short trips?

We have a four-night minimum, but make exceptions during the off-season.

Do I need a driver’s license to rent a CamperVan?

YES. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license from their respective countries in hand at pickup (no print outs or electronically scanned copies are allowed). Unless you bring your driver’s license with you when you pick up the van, we cannot let you drive away with it.


Does the van need to be plugged into external power?

No, our Vans are all self-contained and all lights and powered items (even the fridge) run off the house batteries. The solar/battery isolater keep the batteries charged.

How long can I run the fan?

The fans can be run overnight, but we do recommend turning them off when you’re not using them.

Can the refrigerator run while the Van is off?

Yes, the fridge is very efficient and will remain cold for the duration of your trip.


Do I need to worry about drainage?

Our vans carry a 20-gallon gray water tank hidden inside a wheel well. To drain them, pull a lever outside the van (as you would on an RV).

Does the AC/Heat work when the Van is off?

Yes!! We install extremely efficient 12V Air Conditioners that are powered by the Lithium house battery, there is enough power to run the AC for about 6 hours. There is also a Cabin Heater that is powered from the Lithium battery and the vehicles fuel tank. Both have thermostats so you can make sure you get the inside of the van to the temperature you like.

Can I smoke in the Van?

No, never.

How do I cook in the CamperVan?

All cooking should be done outside.


If I use the dishes and silverware do I need to clean them?

Yes, all dishes and silverware should be washed for the next guest.


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