50 Cent
2018 136" Promaster
$149 per night
2018 136" Promaster
$149 per night
2018 136" Promaster
$149 per night

At Sunstorm Vans all of our Vans are custom builds, what starts as an empty cargo is transformed into a luxurious and comfortable house on wheels. Walls and ceiling are double insulated (Reflectix and 1-2" poly iso foam), this means keep the cold air in and the noise out. The house is built in a 2018 or newer Ram Promaster 136" wheelbase high roof van. High Roof means even a 6'2" person can stand up in the van!!

All of our Vans have a Maxxair fan that can exhaust the hot air out out or when the sun sets you can bring the cool air in. 2-100 Watt solar panels attached to a state of the art solar charge controller keep the 2- Gel maintenance free house batteries charged (200+ AH total). I also install a battery Isolator so the vehicles alternator charges the batteries while you are in route to your next campsite.  Almost everything in the interior is run off a low voltage battery sipping 12 volt system. There are 2-110v plugs connected to a fully automatic 2,000 Watt inverter so if you need to charge your laptop or want to plug in something that needs a little more juice. 

The passenger seat swivels for added seating in the living area, the main bench is great seating for 2 and also has a flip top for additional storage. There is also a table that pulls out from under the bed so 2 people can dine or work side by side. A Camper Van is the perfect choice if you are a little intimidated to drive a big bulky motorhome but don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up a tent.

There are USB plugs conveniently placed next to the fixed Full platform bed with a 6" memory foam mattress as well as above the backsplash in the kitchen area to keep your phones or tablets charged. 8 LED lights are connected to a dimmer in case you want a low light for reading or just to set the mood. The 54 Liter 12v fridge will keep all of your food and drinks icy cold your entire trip without the need for ice. There is a massive 28 gallon fresh water tank connected to an outdoor shower and a stainless steel kitchen sink with a 20 gallon grey tank that takes seconds to dump from the exterior of the Van.

Sorry we don't install a permanent toilet into our vans, when we travel in Vans we bring a portable flushing toilet to use. I build the dimensions of the bench to perfectly fit a 5.3 gallon waste tank toilet with a 2.5 gallon fresh water tank so you can actually flush the toilet. The bench lid closes over the toilet and you don't have to look or smell the toilet when not in use. Check the Add On's during checkout and we can have a new toilet waiting for you. Sorry I don't rent portable toilets, thats just gross. After you leave with a new toilet I never want to see it again, use it for camping or boating adventures or for a future van rental.


You want to bring any gear? There is a huge garage area under the bed that is accessible from the back of the Van or a door in the living area, there are conveniently placed LED lights in the garage area for midnight adventures. With upper cabinets stretching from the driver seat all the way to the rear of the van there is ample storage for dry food and really anything you can imagine needing on your trip.

There is AC/Heat in the dash while the vehicle is running but no AC/Heat in the living area.

I provide you for free with each rental all of the basics you will need. Plates, Cups, Bowls, Silverware, Pot, Pan, Soap and Sponge, Spatula, cutting board, Step Stool, Trash Can with liners, Bubble Level, Broom, 2 camping Chairs, Outdoor Rug, Extension Cord, Leveling Ramps, Quick Disconnect Hose for Shower, Fresh Water Hose, Sheets, Pillows, First Aid Kit, Jumper Cables, Road Flare LED, Fuse Repair Kit, Window Coverings for all windows and all of the instructions needed to have a memorable trip.

Happy Camping!!





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